Started in 1999, the Unreal Tournament Giant Map Clans was a group of dedicated UT players who all enjoyed playing a fast-paced, low-gravity game mod in 'force perspective'-styled maps where players were tiny little people zooming around 'giant' maps that were typically styled after rooms in a house or business. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bars, and game rooms were common themes for maps. The origins of the giant maps are lost memories now but probably started with a forced perspective bathroom map.  We didn't really have 'standard' settings but LowGravity, ESR, and 155/55 were more or less accepted as our 'normal' setting. 

The community played semi-organized team battles between clans of players.

The original community stuck together through UT 99, UT 2003, and UT 2004 and spun off several similarly themed groups who formed their own communities.

Some of the founding clans included CBGB, DbD, 2399, RAT, SdK, IFC, along with several others.

We also had a European version of the UTGMC called the [CK] clan.
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